Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Election Day

-- For those opening their polling places this morning, this account by Greg Wythe about his experience as an EV clerk -- and how the "substantially similar" business is being handled -- is timely and valuable.  Just know that your mileage may vary depending on how your election judge interprets the law.  And that it will probably be revised in its application in the future.  All of which suggests that the photo ID law is not meant to "true the vote" but to stifle it.  To cause confusion, uncertainty, and irritation, especially among infrequent voters.

-- I'll refer you back to my earlier prognostications regarding electoral outcomes today.  I am not yet released from my EVBB duty, so commenting on anything on the ballot remains verboten.  I will say that the most important result to me personally is Prop 2, the fate of the Dome.  Anecdotal reports have lately suggested it might not pass; hope I'm wrong about that.

Durrel at New Media Texas has some predictions on video of mayoral, council, and education board races.

-- Turnout for early voting was to my eye massive, but Charles seems convinced that after we see the numbers for today that it will not have predicated a large increase in total votes over previous municipal cycles.

My guess is that Houston’s final turnout will resemble the 50% early scenario, with between 130,000 and 150,000 votes total in the city.

Let's see how close he comes to that.  Here's his list of watch parties for tonight.

Update: And if you're really OCD about today's election, follow the Chron's all-day-long liveblog (or the Twitter hashtag #houvote).

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Elderlady said...

Maybe at some point, in time, somebody can explain to me... the rationale of people who will line up to spend their money to buy "a piece" of the Harris County Domed Stadium. All the while, most of these same people will probably vote against it's preservation.

Totally beyond my comprehension, this thing with Texans generally, and Houstonians particularly... to allow their history to be destroyed.