Monday, July 08, 2013


Socratic Gadfly has already said all that needs sayin', so I'll just look ahead to the future. Which is Governor Greg Abbott at about 1:4 odds.

Texas Democrats probably had a better chance of defeating Governor Suckseed, despite what the early polls indicate.

For Wendy Davis, it means she can’t run against her perfect foil. She can’t run against damaged goods and a governor that many Texans have grown weary of. If Davis makes a bid for the Governor’s Mansion, she’ll most likely have to face Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, currently sitting atop a campaign fortune of $18 million and counting. The silver lining, though, is that Abbott is every bit as right-wing, if not more so, than Rick Perry. And in recent polling, Davis actually performs better against Abbott than she does Perry. Abbott leads her 48-40 (still a big lead) vs. Perry’s 53-39 advantage.

Davis, should she choose to run, would have a hard row to hoe no matter who she might challenge. And then there's the matter of defending her seat in the Texas Senate, which if lost gives the Republicans a 2/3rds majority in that body (and likely with Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick presiding over it).

Yes, that is all worse -- much worse -- than what is in place at the moment.

But Texas simply isn't changing fast enough to bring some big changes about in 2014. There might be a couple of lower-level statewide offices in closer play next year, but there are still no announced candidates that aren't Republicans.

Which means some wealthy fellow, probably Caucasian and conservative, gets to be the sacrificial lamb once more this cycle. Since Bill White probably doesn't want to get his butt beaten again, whose turn is it? I'm guessing businessman, maybe trial lawyer, devout Christian, similar sort of profile to what has been offered up in the past.

I'm pumped. How about you?

In related news, Katy Perry also announced that she would not run for governor of Texas.

I can't tell if those titties are strawberry ice cream or cherry-flavored whipped cream. Can you?

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Gadfly said...

Well, the real question about the other Perry is does she have an illegitimate baby in her sacred womb and if so, will she try to abort it?