Friday, October 19, 2012

DMN endorses Sadler, HC goes Cruz

On the eve of their final debate before the election, the two metro newspapers in Texas go in opposite directions with their senatorial endorsements. (Which is yet another reason why I am voting for David Collins, the Green.)

Texans face a decision in this election that has come before them only twice over the last four decades: How to fill a Senate seat that has carried with it a proud lineage of service to the state and nation.

Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is stepping down after almost 20 years in Washington, where she made it a top priority to look out for Texans’ national, state and even personal needs. She first won her post in 1993, succeeding Democrat Lloyd Bentsen, who served for 22 years. Like Hutchison, he provided consistent constituent aid as well as leadership on national and state matters.

The committed work of these two bipartisan leaders to their state creates an impressive, demanding legacy for their successor. Recommending the right candidate to follow in the Hutchison-Bentsen tradition is a responsibility this newspaper takes seriously. That’s why we’ve interviewed both candidates multiple times, examined their public careers, reviewed their answers to our questionnaire, spoken with others who know them well and followed their activities on the campaign trail.

After that thorough examination, we believe Democrat Paul Sadler, 57, is the best person to uphold this legacy of service to Texas and to keep our state relevant where it matters most.

Lofty and idealistic, which is how I usually like my editorials. By contrast...

There's a lot we admire about Sadler, particularly his demonstrated ability to reach across the aisle and work productively with his political opponents for the good of Texas. But Sadler is practically poking at embers to keep his campaign from burning out altogether. Why? Because of a simple lack of interest and support from his own party. Sadler's candidacy is well-meaning, but an exercise in futility.

Right. Don't vote for anybody who doesn't have a chance to win. It's just a wasted vote.

Fall in line, vote Republican. Conform. Consume. Obey.

Stay in your low-grade stage of constant fear. Don't question the authorities. Do NOT, under any circumstance, do something that might change the past 25 years of one-party dominance in the Lone Star State. It's not like your vote matters anyway.

In fact, why don't you just not bother voting at all? The game is rigged, you know. Why give the system a semblance of legitimacy?

Just stay in your little bubble, watch Dancing with the Stars, and go shopping. That's how they like you. That's how they want you. Don't let them down.

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Gadfly said...

Funny how those of us who ignore both parties hear that same chiding admonition, isn't it?