Friday, September 21, 2012

Juan Percent

"Pathetic" moves forward to "absurd".

Mitt Romney appeared on Univision Wednesday alongside Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas, but something was a little peculiar about his appearance -- his skin tone. Looking back at the hundreds of photos logging his every moment on the campaign trail, the Republican presidential nominee is usually not so shockingly tan.

While his orangey-brown appearance on Univision could have been the result of bad lighting or a makeup mishap, left-wing blog the Democratic Underground concluded that Romney "dyed his face brown for his Univision interview."

The claim is not completely out of the ballpark. After all, as Gawker points out, Romney did say "it would be helpful to be Latino," in a video secretly recorded at a campaign fundraiser earlier this year.

It would be an appropriately sensitive response at this point to feel sorry for the guy, but his acute disingenuousness makes that impossible.

Only the George McGovern campaign of 1972 rivals Romney's in terms of self-destructiveness in the modern era. I see no way for the Republicans to regain any kind of momentum at this point, no matter how much money they raise and spend, no matter how nasty their attacks get.

The debates are going to be pure comedy gold. You can just feel it, can't you?

Update: Nobody skewers it like Esteban Colberto.


Greg said...

Well, I suppose you COULD link to the article that actually quotes the Univision makeup artist on whether the tan was real or not -- but that might require you to be fair and honest and admit that the Let's conspiracy theory is nothing but a large steaming pile of miedra del toro.

PDiddie said...

Your sense of humor has abandoned you again, Greg? We'll never be able to trust you with a puppy.

Post the link to which you refer here.

Greg said...

Gladly -- though a quick Google search would have found you the link to ABC and Univision --

And my two pups say they are quite well loved and cared for -- but thank you for your concern anyway.

PDiddie said...

It still looks like his ears and hands (in the picture at your link) somehow received much less sun than the rest of his face.

Matt Bramanti said...

Ah yes, that crafty Romney -- trying no doubt to fit in with the incredibly swarthy Univision hosts.

PDiddie said...

He needs less powder and more oil to qualify as 'swarthy' IMO.

Perhaps a pencil-thin mustache might help...