Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Texas Greens post 56 candidates for state and local offices

Update: This list is official and up to date, with a few candidates having withdrawn their names from the ballot.

20 candidates in Bexar, 16 in Harris, 20 more across Texas, from Justice of the Peace and Constable to President of the United States. Here's the full list (.pdf) from the Green Party of Texas website. Following I'll list the statewide candidates and those running for Congress in Harris County, as well as state representatives and county offices. I expect to individually profile each of these leading up to November. Hyperlinks associated with specific candidates provide additional information. The Harris County Green Party site details the timing of county and senate district conventions, where elections for contested offices will occur.

US Senate (no incumbent): David B. Collins and Victoria Ann Zabaras, both of Houston

US Representative, District 2 (Ted Poe, incumbent): Mark A. Roberts
District 7 (John Culberson, incumbent): Lance Findley
District 9 (Al Green, incumbent): Vanessa Foster
District 22 (Pete Olson, incumbent): Don Cook
District 29 (Gene Green, incumbent): Maria Selva

Texas Supreme Court, Place 4 (David Medina, incumbent): Charles E. Waterbury
Place 6: (Nathan Hecht, incumbent): Jim Chisholm

Texas Railroad Commission, Place 1 (no incumbent): Chris Kennedy
Place 2 (Barry Smitherman, incumbent): Josh Wendel

Texas Senate, District 17 (Joan Huffman, incumbent): David Courtney
District 26 (Leticia Van de Putte, incumbent): Chris Christal

Texas State Board of Education, District 5 (Ken Mercer, incumbent): Irene Meyer Scharf
District 6 (Terri Leo, incumbent): G C Molison

Texas House of Representatives, District 130 (Allen Fletcher, incumbent): Art Browning
District 131 (Alma Allen, incumbent): Alfred Molison, Jr.
District 147 (Garnet Coleman, incumbent): Deb Shafto
District 148 (Jessica Farrar, incumbent): Henry Cooper

Harris County Sheriff (Adrian Garcia, incumbent): Remington Alessi
Harris County Constable, Precinct 1 ( incumbent): Carlos Villalobos

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Unknown said...


I'll be voting Green wherever I can this year!

I know a few of these folks - Don Cook, Art Browning, Deb Shafto, Alfred Molison, Henry Cooper - and they are a heck of a lot better than what we have right now.