Friday, June 11, 2010

Whose ass to kick

Other Ass We'd Like to See Kicked

Kick Peter Sutherland's Half-BP Half-Goldman Sachs Ass
Kick the Supreme Court's Corporations-Are-People Ass
Kick All Lobbyists' Asses Out of Washington, D.C.
Kick Lloyd Blankfein's Ass Into Federal Prison
Kick Monsanto's Genetically-Engineered Ass
Kick Joe Lieberman's Ass Out of the Senate
Kick Congress' Cutting-Unemployment Ass
Kick Jake Knotts' Ass Back to 19th Century
Kick Larry Summers' Ass Back to Harvard
Kick Blackwater's Ass Out of Afghanistan
Kick Dick Cheney's Ass to The Hague
Kick Money's Ass Out of U.S. Politics

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