Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whither the Astrodome? Survey says YES

I'm remiss about keeping up to date on what's been going on with the Astrodome's future, so if you want or need backstory the Houston Press seemed to have the best description of the three plans proposed to either renovate or demolish it. They -- and some of their reader comments -- were critical, but nothing like what I read in the daily paper of record as regards feedback from the residents of Harris County, who'll foot the bill however it goes.

Now there's a lesson here for everyone: if all you ever hear is the Tea Party types screaming "NO" to everything, then you might think theirs is a majority opinion.

Once again, it is not. And the comments attached to this latest news about the Dome is another example of that forum's failing to represent anything other than the Teabagger POV. Read the story, then read the comments.

Respondents to an online survey run by Reliant Park's landlord "overwhelmingly" support saving the Astrodome, according to the official in charge of the survey.

Willie Loston, executive director of the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, declined to release a detailed breakdown of the 5,800 votes that have been cast for one of three options for Reliant Park's future. He said only that the combined votes for the two options that include renovations for the Astrodome outnumber those in favor of razing it.

The results, he said, "overwhelmingly show a desire to maintain the building." Loston said the results will help shape a recommendation to Commissioners Court, which controls the fate of Reliant Park.

Now I'm delighted that my opinion turns out to be the "overwhelming" majority one, because I thought ... you know ... that it might not be. Well, not only was I wrong about being right, but I observe that the apoplexy reflected in the poll's results by some of those commenters is nothing but the usual lack of understanding that anyone could POSSIBLY think something different than them. Sad to say, even a few of the now-expected Obama Derangement Syndromers ranting (as if the President or his political party have ANYTHING to do with decisions about the Astrodome) no longer surprises.

That is as fine an example of profound ignorance as one could ever hope to see. But back to the topic.

Commissioners: Disregard the screeching naysayers who only wail about the cost of EVERYTHING. And while you're at it, summon the intestinal fortitude to make the Astrodome a Wonder Again for future generations of Houstonians.

Lord have mercy, we need to find some brave politicians somewhere.

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