Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greens ballot bid was GOP corporate-funded

Let's leave it to one of the Greens' highest-ranking officers to deliver the news.

In a June 10 e-mail to other Green Party officials, state party treasurer David Wager said, “I was promised by a representative of Take Initiative America that the organization was not a corporation and that he would comply with all disclosure requests. Today I was informed that the organization is in fact a corporation and they will not disclose their donors. They claim that their collection of signatures and in-kind contribution was not political. I don’t agree. In my opinion, we have no choice but to refuse the signatures.”

Now that e-mail is nearly two weeks old, and the Greens have been a little defiant since then, hiring Republican attorney Andy Taylor to defend their bid to to gain 2010 ballot access. So who's to say if this means they're going to keep fighting in the courts. My guess is yes. There's a hearing on Friday.

Hat tip to Phillip Martin at BOR.

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