Friday, September 25, 2009

Satire-too-close-to-reality Friday

I threw in a little irony-you-wish-wasn't-real and a couple of non-sequiturs for good measure.

SNL's Weekend Update took on President Obama's decision to exclude Fox News from his Sunday media tour last night. Despite granting interviews to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Univision he left Fox off his roster ... (the cast) took on specific aspects of Beck's character: his propensity to misspell things, to use that muppet-like voice, and, of course, invoke Hitler.

-- BREAKING: Democrats Hoping To Take Control Of Congress From Republican Minority In 2010

-- Thank goodness that Senate Finance Committee Democrats Max Baucus and Tom Carper and Bob Menendez are looking out for the prescription drug companies and not those evil seniors trying to buy meds.

-- Finally, be aware that earlier this week Republicans at last discovered the secret that pornography makes people gay. And of course it then follows that gay marriage is socialist. Extending this out to its illogical conclusion, Larry Flynt is quite obviously a Stalinist.

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