Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kay Bailey sucker-punched Gov. MoFo with the video edit

I didn't think she had it in her, frankly. KHOU first ...

A spokesperson for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison confirmed that her campaign videotaped a speech by Gov. Rick Perry in Houston Thursday, and released a section of video in which the Governor questioned whether Texas is in a recession. ...

Laughter can be heard in the room, and then the tape stops.

... and then Burka:

After Perry asks, “Are we in one?” — referring to a recession — and the laughter, Perry says:

But seriously, the fact is that because we have positioned ourselves so well economically, we’re going to be the first state that starts showing that major recovery, and the rest of the states will follow [behind us? beside us?] whenever that is going to be.

The tape was unquestionably edited after “Are we in one?” to eliminate the words, “but seriously….”

Yep. That was a solid kick to the groan. And Burka is correct that we'll all remember the governor's gaffe and not the senator's trick.

Jason Embry notes that it's game on, again from the elitist perspective, in both camps:

A race between two well-funded — I mean, really well-funded — politicians for an office this big would be heated no matter the personal relationship of the candidates. And yet it can’t help matters that, if you listen closely, it’s clear that Perry and Hutchison each feel that the other has no business running. You could say that each has expressed a certain entitlement to the Republican nomination.

Expect some solid counter-punching shortly from the girly-man, especially in the wake of polling that shows Kay Bailey back in the lead.

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