Thursday, September 10, 2009

Honestly, Joe Wilson was the best thing that happened last night.

Well, that and Eric Cant'or Twittering on his Blackberry, and Louie Gohmert holding up his signs, and the booing, hissing, laughter and general town-halling going on by the GOP during last night's joint session address. His Democratic opponent has raised nearly OVER $100,000 -- $40,000 in the first hour after Wilson screamed "lie" at the President.

Lord Charles Boustany
-- thrice sued for medical malpractice, a "death-panel" advocate and former Birther -- managed a less-than-tepid response. The best that can be said for him is that he wasn't foaming at the mouth as he delivered his remarks (unlike many of his colleagues).

This behavior does nothing but vindicate Van Jones's original opinion of the Republicans.

Immediate polling reaction is pretty favorable for health care reform. Oh well, August was good for the GOP ... while it lasted.

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