Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Fauxtrage and additional postpourri

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-- Kanye West blurted out something stupid and obnoxious, apologized repeatedly, and appeared contrite in a TV appearance. In comparison, Joe Wilson did the same, apologized once to the president but refused to do so to his colleagues, was subsequently rebuked by them, and is hailed as a "hero" by the freak right wing. (Note the "Wilson-Palin 2012" most-recommended comment in the Chron link.)

Now which of these is the racist again? Honestly, maybe both them are, but thankfully there is still such a thing as atonement. For some.

-- And the 'quien es mas conservative' purge continues.

-- One of the DC Madam's best johns, Sen. David Vitter, finds himself "outraged" over the ACORN prostitution "scandal", but not so much that he could make the vote that cut off federal funding to the organization.

-- Michele Bachmann thinks Obama is going to ration the food supply. Really.

"President Obama said we can't eat as much food as we want and think the rest of the world will be okay about that, as if that matters to freedom-loving Americans," she said on the House floor this week. "Well, we just heard last week that the federal government now under the Obama administration is calling for a re-ordering of America's food supply. What is that going to mean? Now will the White House decide how many calories we consume or what types of food we consume?"

Steve Benen replies ...

Yes, Michele, that's exactly what it means. In fact, ACORN will now be responsible for preparing all foods in all households. President Obama will appoint a "dinner czar" to make sure you don't skip your vegetables. If you do, a "death panel" will decide whether you qualify for dessert.

How much more stupid can it get? Serious question.

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