Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kay Bailey veering all over the road

Mostly she's got two wheels in the right-hand bar ditch. Yesterday:

Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison announced Tuesday that she would oppose confirmation for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send the jurist's nomination to the full Senate for confirmation next week.

Going after the freak base already committed to Governor MoFo. That'll sure pick up the moderates and crossovers. And today ...

U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said today that she will resign her Senate seat in October or November to challenge the re-election of Gov. Rick Perry in next year's Republican primary. ...

“Well I'm going to announce in August. Formal announcement: I am in. Then the actual leaving of the Senate will be sometime – October, November – that, in that time frame,” she said. ... “I had hoped that he wouldn't (run for re-election again.) You know, no one expected him to run again. And I thought, you know I stepped back last time, Mark. I tried to give him a, really a free ride with no primary because I thought it was right for Texas. But, for him to try to stay on for 15 years is too long,” Hutchison said.

But she actually backpedaled from this, "clarifying " her comments like so:

"I was trying to say that I stepped back once before," Hutchison said, referring to two occasions on which Hutchison has eyed and then backed away from challenging Perry. Hutchison said that "nobody expected [Perry] to run for 15 years, and I think there's a chance that he wouldn't run because he would see how divisive it is and that he's trying to stay too long and that he can really help in many ways if he doesn't run, in which case I could then be able to stay in the Senate all the way to the end."

Hutchison said her preference would be "to stay all the way through the election but for it being very difficult with the governor continuing to run."

"I was really trying to say to him he could step back here, and he's really trying to hang on too long and maybe he'll rethink," she said.

So the senator wanted to send the governor a message, and she took out her frilly scented stationery and wrote it out in long hand. Team Goodhair's response?

“The senator is clearly putting her own political ambitions above the needs of the people of Texas,” Miner said. “We would want to be sure to name someone in that position who wants to be there and wants to do the job they were elected to do.”

And ...

“I got some very important decisions ot make on a daily basis," Perry said. "Trying to follow a moving target of there’s going to be a senate opening, there’s not one. Why waste one bit of my energy? We’ve got work to do in this state. I’m going to stay focused on leading this state.” ...

"For us not to have someone in the United States Senate looking after Texas interests, I think, is irresponsible," Perry said. "Maybe the Senator should think about that rather than the other things she’s thinking about."

When told by a reporter that Hutchison had remarked that 15 years in the governor’s mansion is too long for one person, Perry said, “I guess 15 years in the United States Senate is not too long.”

You're still losing ground, Kay.

Update: Rick Perry's crew reads this blog.

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