Sunday, May 17, 2009

Torturers and supporters blame Pelosi for not stopping them

"There's nothing wrong with torture, but Nancy Pelosi knew about it!"

Never underestimate the ability of conservatives to torture logic. Let's go to the MoDo:

(A) lot of the hoo-ha around Pelosi makes it sound as if she knew stuff that no one else had any inkling of, when in fact the entire world had a pretty good idea of what was happening. The Bushies plied their dark arts in broad daylight. Besides, the question of what Pelosi knew or didn’t, or when she did or didn’t know, is irrelevant to how W. and Cheney broke the law and authorized torture.

B-B-B-But Nancy was briefed. Indeed she was -- though the details of precisely what remain cloudy. The timing isn't in dispute, however: It was 2002. And Nancy Pelosi was the ranking minority member of the House Intelligence committee. Dennis Hastert was Speaker. Porter Goss (he went on to head the CIA, you will recall) was the chairman of that committee. Hastert lobbies for the Turkish government now, and Goss is "an active speaker on the lecture circuit".

Pesky things, them facts.

If we actually had did have a "liberal" media, it wouldn't be necessary for bloggers to point out hypocrisy this vile.

Now let's be clear: I don't like Pelosi. I think she is far too politically calculating and prevaricating for my approval. And I frankly consider her to be a lousy leader of Congressional Democrats. (I'll have a post later today that goes into greater detail about my personal beef with Madam Speaker.)

But that the Republicans have raised their collective voices to a screech about her as the issue is nothing more than the same old shit from them.

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