Friday, September 12, 2008

Chillin' with Ike

Until the power goes out. Maybe late this evening.

Doing some laundry. Surfing the Toobs. Not watching the hysteria on the teevee. (That shit'll drive ya nuts.)

Wind forecast here 81 mph. That's not too bad, unless a tree branch or piece of gravel breaks a window. We're on the fifth story, but with large windows facing both south and east, so waking up tomorrow morning without a/c and a broken window likely is a worst-case scenario for us. Unless a tornado gets spawned and does worse.

By noon tomorrow we may go ahead and leave for Austin if necessary, as Ike will have blown on through. And by Monday my guess is we should have power restored -- since I live near the Texas Medical Center and and in a part of town (West U) where a few wealthy, influential types live, I doubt we will be without electricity for very long.

Did you see the Pig's interview with Charlie Gibson last night? She didn't know what the Bush Doctrine was. She dared him to point out where she had said that global warming wasn't made-made. She still blames Iraq for 9/11 (even Bush doesn't say that any more).

And this after two weeks of cramming for the interview.

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