Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Perhaps some citizen will try to arrest Rove while he's in town today

They have tried to do so before, after all.

Here is the itinerary for today's Fugitive Fundraiser Tour. He's raising money for Terrified Texas House Republicans.

What is the nature of Karl Rove's security detail when he attends these things? Is it more than the local police? Contracted bodyguards? Blackwater?

Who's paying for it? He's not a government employee any longer, after all. Why are local police and taxpayer funds used to pay for the protection of a man who is in comtempt of Congress, among his many other crimes?

Disavow yourself of the notion that any Texas Republican wouldn't sell his daughter into white slavery just for the opportunity to stand next to Herr General Rove. The local right-wing freaks live for this shit.

Do you think they run people through metal detectors at the downtown Aquarium?

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