Sunday, August 10, 2008

EV 8/10: Attack ads work

Let's give the Sunshine State back to McBush, but no other changes from last week.

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McInsane went into the gutter, and it appears to have worked for him. Whooda thunk?

This in spite of a raft of data denouncing the ads.

So the question begged is: who's telling the truth? The people who say the ads aren't working, or the people being polled?

Here's my humble O: the attack ads are working, and they work particularly well on a portion of the electorate that wants to vote for McCain if he gives them a good enough reason to do so, i.e. the former GOP base who has been disillusioned by Bush, the wars, gasoline prices, the value of their suburban tract home (if they are still in possession of it), etc. and so on. These people despise Obama and the Democrats even more than they do all of those things, but are likely to sit this election out unless they see a Republican party willing to go on the offense against him (and them).

Voters are motivated by a politician -- a political party -- that will fight. Wonder if the Democrats have ever considered that strategy?

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