Tuesday, January 08, 2008

FOX News: now even conservatives know it sucks

After Ron Paul was denied the opportunity to participate in a debate of Republican presidential candidates carried by FOX, he held his own forum in New Hampshire. The local Paulistas took the Chron's bait and posted diatribes against the Fairly Unbalanced news network, calling them "traitors" and "scumbags" -- epithets usually reserved for capital criminals, victims of Joe Horn, and Democrats. Some of the 'nicer' comments:

Torque wrote:
Fox, Fox News, their supporters, and sponsors just earned a LIFELONG boycott from me! I suggest all Ron Paul supporters do the same. They should have let him debate, them neo-facist Nazi War MONGERS pretending to be fair media! Lies.

Kind-of sucks for me too because COPS was one of my favorite shows.

Clearspeak wrote:
According to the numbers, Mr. Paul had a right to be included. Fox is trying to put in a "fix", blatantly manipulating the contest, and should have their license pulled by the FCC.

Josey2006 wrote:
If you're upset with Fox News, do like I've done: Buy a share of their stock and crash their stockholder meeting in October.

Hankskool wrote:
Why would Fox want to invite a true fiscal conservative to rain on their reckless parade? Somehow they've already bamboozled millions into believing they provide a conservative "balance" to the rest of the "liberal" news coverage despite the fact that their idea of fiscal conservativism , both for the individual and the nation, is to borrow as much money as you can and blow it all. How many ads a day did they run on behalf of the subprime frauds anyway? So much for conservative having anything to do with "conserve". Most of their pundits have already endorsed Rudy G.. A smaller government conservative ? No, actually if he had his way the U.S. would be a full blown police state with one cop for every citizen, hardly smaller government from the free individual's standpoint.
FAUX NEWS-- We've taken the conserve out of conservative!

So then the Paulites decided to protest outside the Faux News building in New York, where they ambushed Sean Hannity as he was leaving (you have to watch the video).

This on top of Bill O'Reilly's meltdown at an Obama campaign event, where he screamed at, grabbed and shoved an Obama staffer. Secret Service agents actually surrounded the guy. Yes, there's a YouTube of it also, though it isn't as embarrassing to O'Reilly as it could have been:

Boycotts, protests, embarrassing actions by their anchors videotaped -- how long before FOX's core audience really does put down the Kool-Aid, sober up and start deserting them?

As with the rest of the crumbling Republican monolith, are we watching the beginning of the end of Faux News' media "dominance"?

Pop the corn.

Update: Robert Greenwald's video is a more thorough report on the flap between FOX and Obama that O'Reilly apparently is exacerbating.

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