Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Even Candy Crowley thinks Edwards won

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for those words to pass the Butter Queen's lips? Ohhh, those lips:

As for the press corps, they really weren't that bad. I don't think I was ignored any more than most other small-time reporters, most of whom were pretty nice people who just had lousy jobs. But the cool kids, the people working for the big papers and TV stations who really loved hobnobbing with all the pols on the plane — they were a pretty disgusting group in some ways. I think the one image that will stick with me is Candy Crowley (CNN) jamming fistfuls of complimentary chocolate chip cookies into her mouth in a bus in Houston (the Kerry campaign had given us all free cookies wrapped in American-flag-patterned bandanas) and talking about Kucinich. She's got this huge waterfall of crumbs coming out of her mouth and she's talking about how ugly Kucinich is. That to me summed up the whole campaign press crew, right there...

The words of Matt Taibbi, late of Rolling Stone. You may have seen him on Bill Maher last Saturday evening.

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