Monday, November 05, 2007

The Weekly Wrangle

Before we get to this week's edition of the Texas Progressive Alliance's Texas Blog Round-Up, we want to encourage all of our readers to vote for two member blogs in the 2007 Weblog Awards: cast a ballot for Three Wise Men here and The Agonist here.

The Texas Cloverleaf looks at the final installment of Trinity Trickery and implores Dallas residents to vote yes on Prop 1 on November 6th!

At Bluedaze we learn from TXsharon that the FWISD participates in a web of deceit with Barnett Shale producers and how the school district helps spread oil company propaganda at the expense of education.

Hal and some friends attended Nick Lampson's (TX-22) NCLB town hall meeting this past week and reports from Half Empty.

Bill Howell of Stoutdemblog links to the firestorm over Barack Obama's knowing use of a homophobe as emcee of a campaign rally in I Love A Tirade.

Are you upset about the enthusiasm of some in Congress for an AG that thinks torture is OK and views constitutional checks and balances as 'quaint'? So is McBlogger.

Off the Kuff looks at the fate of the Astrodome now that the Texans and the Rodeo have come out against a plan to redevelop it as a hotel/convention center.

North Texas Liberal's Texas Toad tells us a Halloween horror story about global warming deniers Fred Singer, Don Erler, and their ilk in Planet Purgatory Parts One and Two.

Would you feel honored if a city named a street after you? What if the street was broken into non-continuous segments and wound its way through backwater sidestreets of town? What if no one even knew where the street was? Well, that's how Lubbock has "honored" Cesar Chavez, notes Blue 19th.

Over at Texas Kaos, there's a report on Texans giving Darth Cheney a well deserved reception up in Dallas. Succinctly put, Don't Iraq Iran!

David Van Os has an opposing viewpoint of several of the constitutional amendments on Tuesday's ballot, and shares it at Brains and Eggs.

Over at Three Wise Men, Nat Wu analyzes the situation in Africa, particularly renewed talk of war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, while Xanthippas takes on Scott Horton's view that being "grown-up" Democrat when it comes to foreign policy is giving Bush what he asks for.

Vince at Capitol Annex notes that if screwing the middle class was a Congressional sex scandal, Texas' GOP congress critters would be making serious headlines.

NYTexan at BlueBloggin explores Bush's endless veto pen and his continued disregard for the Katrina victims.

WCNews at Eye on Williamson asks why every former Bush administration official from Texas is always rumored to running for public office in Texas in The Definition of Insanity.

This week's episode of TheTexas Blue's Who's Blue interview series features former Texas attorney general Jim Mattox, who shares his observations on Texas campaigns throughout his career and how the national mood may affect the coming election cycle.

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