Thursday, November 08, 2007

Help oppose telecom immunity today

... because if they haven't done anything wrong, why do they need to be shielded from crimes that haven't been committed?

Of course, they did. Spy on us, that is. All of us. All of e-mail, our phone calls, everything. Everybody. You, me, your mother, every single American, every single phone call you made, every single e-mail you sent or received.

Chris Dodd has a nifty little tool you can use to see which Senators are for, against, or wavering:

Most haven't decided, so a call today would really be helpful. I called Senator Box Turtle's office, but since he has never represented my views in any way in the past six years, I also called Sen. Leahy.

I told his staffer that since I had no representation in the US Senate, if he would be so kind as to represent me (and all Texas Democratic voters, and several thousand independents and maybe even a few Republicans) by opposing the FISA law granting retroactive immunity to AT&T, et. al. for the blanket spying they did on us.

I was on the phone for ten minutes for anyone in Sen. Schumer's office before I hung up.

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