Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Express Checkout

The Crowne Plaza in the Texas Medical Center ate it Sunday morning.

There was a big crowd watching, they served Dynamite Bites; I'm just sorry I missed being on the scene. My wife slept through the boom-boom-boom of the detonation, and all I could see from my living room window was the big cloud of dust that arose and then drifted away to the north.

I spent a weekend in the ballroom of that place doing my est Training in 1984. It had a horrible parking garage, so narrow you could barely make the turns, even in my Plymouth Laser. Later that same year we met my wife's cousin Salomon for dinner there; he was down from Brooklyn for an anesthesiologist's convention.

A few years from now that space will be home to a huge maternity ward.

This Swamplot fellow has all the dope (thanks to Kuffner for the tip, who also notes the demise of another landmark building in New Jersey).

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