Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Katrina (you bitch)

One year ago as our merry little band of leftists was returning from Camp Casey, we heard on the radio that a strengthening hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico had turned toward New Orleans.

That bitch's name was Katrina.

Jordan Flaherty was an eyewitness on the ground; here's the archive of his postings. His journal begins here. I blogged about my experiences helping evacuees in the Astrodome and the GRB convention center, and I posted that of others'. Lyn's account was also significant.

Earlier this week the four-part documentary by Spike Lee, When the Levees Broke, aired on HBO. I urge you to watch it.

Here's a Katrina timeline from Think Progress.

This YouTube from scoutp is moving:

I'm left with these still-raw recollections, and the ominous foreboding that it could all happen again, shortly, here in Houston or Miami or New Orleans once more.

Do you feel safer?

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