Thursday, April 14, 2005


I just need to post something besides the latest stunt performed by the GOPrano goons, so...

-- Would you like to see some cool satellite photos of Area 51?

-- Those crazy madcap handicappers at Paddy Power have established German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as a 7/2 favorite to be elected Vicar of Christ. He's being challenged on the backstretch, though:

(...) France's Jean-Marie Lustiger has come from nowhere to join him at the top of the list. "Lustiger was at 20-1 two weeks ago but they've started betting for him in just the last three or four days," a spokesman at Paddy Power said.

Can you imagine how pissed the Bush Administration is going to be if there is a French Pope? More here.

And Jesus' General reports on the unholy alliance between the House Majority Leader and Mr. Wu of HBO's Deadwood.

It might be apropo to post now the epithet assorted Deadwoodians utter at least ten times per episode, but it won't be as funny if you don't have cable.

In the Comments, perhaps?


Anonymous said...

Is this where I place my bet? My bet would be Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.
If you're familiar with the 11th century prophecy of St. Malachy, he predicted the next pope will be the last one and he calls him Gloria Olivae or Glory of the Olive. Soooooo, Martini at 9/2 odds, I'll drink to that.

PDiddie said...

Martini. Olive.

I'm getting an image of Nixon and Rebozo at Key Biscayne...