Saturday, April 02, 2005

A post about rotisserie baseball if you're looking for something on Tom DeLay, scroll down (or wait a few minutes, because it shouldn't be long before he's in the news again for threatening federal judges or something).

I'm in seven different leagues again this year, and this website has consistently proven to be the most helpful in terms of who's healthy, who's not, who's winning a position coming out of spring training, who's going to close for the Dodgers now that Eric Gagne has gone on the DL, and so on. Unlike most sites of its type, it's also free. But it's the high level of sarcasm that I really enjoy the most. Look at this post about Danny Graves, the Reds closer:

Danny Graves has been wearing vision-enhancing contact lenses.''They help you pick up the ball more easily,'' Graves said. ''Nike makes them. You can see every blade of grass. It's like a picture.''

The benefits of this are obvious for a hitter, but what exactly does it do for a soft-tossing closer, let him see the gopher balls he serves up more clearly?

You gotta love that (even if you own Graves).

Update: From another good site for this sort of thing, Fanball:

Padres pitcher Jake Peavy completed four innings of work against Single-A Lake Elsinore on Saturday. He allowed six hits and three runs and struck out four. Peavy is scheduled to start in the Padres' home opener on Thursday.

No word on if Doug and Bob McKenzie were playing for Lake Elsinore, but that's not really important, eh.

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