Monday, April 18, 2005

Bidge and the Splendid Splinter

As they reach the end of their stellar careers, conversations about whether Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell deserve Hall of Fame induction have been had on sports talk radio, in fine drinking establishments (and not-so-fine ones as well), and in places like this for some time.

Banjo Jones details the latest milestone reached by the Astros' sparkplug:

If Craig Biggio gets hit and killed by a bus after the game today in Cincinnati, he can go to his reward satisfied that he tied Ted Williams at #63 on the Major League Baseball all-time career hit list.

Biggio likely would have tied the record at home in Houston since Astros manager Phil Garner gave him the day off today, but Biggio was called on to pinch hit in the 7th inning and delivered a single. (That) gives him 2,654 base hits, which he's gathered during a 17-year career that likely will continue a year or two after this season. Williams played 19 seasons.

The fact Biggio started out as a catcher, moved to second base, then moved to the outfield and now has returned to second base only adds to his impressive hitting resume'.

Other names you might recognize on the all-time hit list that are within Biggio's reach are: Nellie Fox (who ended his career with Houston), 2,663 hits; Luis Aparicio, 2,677; Billy Williams, 2,711; Rusty Staub (who started his career with Houston), 2716; Lou Gehrig, 2,721, and Babe Ruth, 2,873.

He ought to be voted in on the first ballot.

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