Friday, April 08, 2005

More quick hits

...because there's more springtime golf to play.

This is the best update on the Texas Governor's race, from all angles, and it's from the perspective of Tim McCann, who is the operations manager for Chris Bell's exploratory committee.

The House Majority Leader is assaulting the judiciary again this morning.

The junior Senator from our Great State joined in, then backed off, but still doesn't understand what he did wrong.

And the Whiskey Bar (damn I'm glad that place is open again) has the last word on the Schiavo "GOP talking points" memo. But some folks are having trouble getting that also.


Traveller said...

A name tag for you, from Body and Soul, can be found here. Keep clicking on "Appeal" to find the one which best suits you.

PDiddie said...

In the future you shall all address me as "Brother Garrotte of Reasoned Discussion".

Kneel befor me.