Friday, December 18, 2020

T'was the Week Before Xmas Lone Star Roundup

I'm not pleased with my Latin@ post (here's something worth reading from Latino Rebels, though).  I've rewritten mine a couple of times, and with the Census delay in providing updated demographics, there's not going to be much in the way of currency in the projections for redistricting/gerrymandering in the forthcoming legislative session.  Plenty of scare-mongering speculation, though.  I'm tempted to resort to a Kuffner-styled Weakend link dump, but since I find that lazy and half-assed ... probably not.  Don't really know what I'm going to do with a post I've spent probably forty hours on and doesn't meet my personal standards.  Anyway ...

It's remarkable that Ken Paxton didn't find his way to the top of either Texas Monthly's Bum Steer Awards or Progress Texas' Worst of 2020, but that just shows you how stiff the competition is.

The winners were well-deserved.

More of TM's selections throughout this post.  Here's a salute to Governor COVID, who would rather kill Texans than cower before the "bidness/freedumb" base of the TXGOP.

More "do as I say, not as I do" from our elected leaders.

There were other late contenders for Bum Steers and Worst Texans.  Here's one of the hard-charging finalists on my personal list.

Read the whole Tweet thread.  Few stories have the shock capacity of this one.

Guess who's behind the Liberty Center for God and Country?  It was "Christians Outed for Behaving Less than Godly" week.

Then there's Greasy Henry Cuellar, whose bad behavior was noted twice.

Besides shafting AOC -- a trending topic this week regarding M4A -- who was the beneficiary of slots on Energy and Commerce?

Those of us who won't be supporting corporate Democrats any more have a long, hard job ahead.  And it doesn't involve pushing people like Fletcher to the left.

Despite these Grinches ...

... several Texans got in the spirit of the holiday season.

I have more of the typical updates on environmental and criminal and social justice news that will wait until Monday's Wrangle.  Closing today with these.

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