Saturday, June 06, 2020

Race for the White House Update: Joe clinches

Nation grimaces.

You ought to be able to win in November too, Joe.  Just stop talking.

Former vice president Joe Biden on Thursday said that 10 to 15 percent of "people out there" are just "not very good people.”

Speaking during a virtual town hall with young Americans, Biden discussed the importance of a president setting an example for the country on issues of race during a conversation moderated by actor Don Cheadle.

Stop posing for pictures like this.

Let Trump do the pandering, make the gaffes, look like the bigger fool, and you've got this.  Don't screw it up by speaking or showing your face, mask or no, for a few months.


Oh well, it ought to be pre-recorded for TDP delegates this evening, so there shouldn't be any unintended insults or televised flatulence.

Meanwhile, current events have pushed Kamala Harris back into the pole position for the veep.  I'm not the only one who thinks so (again), Cillizza at CNN sees it too.  Amy Klobuchar is over.

It will be tough on Kamala -- and the other two African American women Cillizza favors; Keisha Lance Bottoms, mayor of Atlanta, and US Rep. Val Demings of FL -- because all three women have prosecutorial careers.  (That's another strike against Amy, by the way.)  But the others don't have the KHive, and Harris has been vetted on the issue during primary season.  Berners did that, and she was forced out of the race without winning a single delegate.  Fortunes change quickly, though, and the progressive left appears to this blogger to have stronger options outside the duopoly than ever, which translates into Ds shoring up the base, not just the black vote but the CA electorate as well.  Bernie Sanders won big there, you will recall.

But if Old Uncle Joe just can't get comfortable with a black woman, there's always Elizabeth Warren, who met some favor in the Af-Am community in the South during her campaign.  Unfortunately for her, she's considered a progressive (sic) by the neoliberals, and that might be worse than being black from Biden's -- and those doing the real vetting inside the camp's -- POV.

Some unnamed Dem insider is already on record/off the record as saying Demings doesn't have a chance because Florida isn't really in play, despite what the polls say.  I believe that, and I also believe the same regarding Texas.

Even in the middle of PRIDE month, I just cannot see a "Biden-Bottoms" ticket.

It was hard enough composing this while studiously ignoring Trump's daily atrocities this past week, and with Bernie back in his own basement, and the minor parties' standard-bearers -- the Greens' Howie Hawkins, presumptively, and newly-crowned Jo Jorgensen of the Libertarians -- also reaching the historical summer lull in the four-year cycle ... well, just no urgency or much breaking news beyond the Donks' developments.

The country has bigger problems than choosing between Trump or Biden for the next four years. There's a sentence I never thought I would write.  Two addled geriatrics completely out of touch with the wants and needs of a nation in crisis, with voting suppressed from various sources like never before, and the electorate terrified of a host of ills, to be left unresolved in the near term.


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