Friday, April 19, 2019

Mueller, reporting

(Today's weekly installment of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate updates is forthcoming.)

So ... this reporter feels vindicated.

I found Morning Joe commentator Mike Barnicle's reaction to be the most shocking conclusion.

Also ...

Trump "tried" to obstruct, but according to Mueller, didn't collude with the Russians, and the Russians didn't hack the election.  They DID, as I wrote above in June of 2017 and believed all along -- as much as did Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Mate', and a few others -- "interfere" (Mueller's word) or "meddle" (better word).

And they will probably try that again.  Meanwhile, it appears Democrats in Congress aren't going to try to impeach Trump.  Hats off to them; they really know about losing, after all.

Those are your 2020 superdelegates in action, ladies and gentlemen.

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