Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Bombs away

-- MJ Hegar dropped hers yesterday morning.  John Cornyn dropped his on himself, with an assist from his Tweet team and standup comic Patton Oswalt.

Yes, Twitter was aflutter with better snark than Wonkette and PolUSA, but I got a lotta shit to do today.  Say this for Hegar: be it luck or something else, no one except Beto O'Rourke has gotten more glowing, free national media (and he appears to have finally reached his expiration date).

Still just one Texas Democrat in this race, AFAIC.

-- Joe Biden, after a false start, drops his tomorrow.

(I could have embedded meaner, and probably will later.)

-- Remains to be seen whether Sylvester Turner and his sycophants on City Council drop one on themselves today.

I need to post about this, and about the city's municipal elections soon.

Watch the Tweet feed, top right, for updates on #SheThePeople2020, #BernieinHouston, and whatever else breaks news all day and into the night.

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