Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday Funnies


Greg said...

Why do you run Ted Rall cartoons depicting the African-American POTUS in a manner that makes him look like a lower primate? Is your race card not working? Ir does your dislike of Obama's policies sufficient for you to give a pass to a left-winger doing something that would be deemed racist if perpetrated by a right-winger?

PDiddie said...

I don't agree that Ted Rall draws Obama as an ape or a monkey. I am familair with both that criticism and Rall's address of it. So without accepting your premise, the rest of your premise dies quietly.

You may, and I'm sure will continue to, infer generalizations of "libruls" based on your severe and chronic conservative indoctrination since birth, but the rest of your insights will appear elsewhere other than here.

Greg said...

Odd -- I'm avel to spell liberal. The fact that you attribute illiteracy to me is indicative of your own left-wing indoctrination and lack of critical thinking.

Oh, and by the way -- would you accept Rall's explanation if he were a conservative? No, I didn't think so.

PDiddie said...

Odder still, you're unable to spell 'able'. What does that indicate? (I won't leap to any conclusions or answer any of my own questions.)

It wasn't your literacy I was questioning; it was your coherence.

Are we having fun yet?