Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take a poll

Like others, I have been asked to bring your attention to this poll being conducted by UT research scholar Tom Johnson, who needs to get his data a little more 'fair and balanced' (I'm guessing some of those right-wing nuts posted it at Free Republic or Townhall or some such). So go and share your opinion, and then forward it to your sphere of influence. It's not quick; it may take you 15 minutes or longer to read the questions carefully and respond with your POV in the most accurate way, but your input is highly valued. They will assure confidentiality by removing your IP address after completing the survey. Below, Johnson's excerpted appeal:

(T)he vast majority of our survey respondents have been conservatives. We are embarrassed we can't convince more liberals to fill out our survey. Could you provide us a link to Brains and Eggs to help provide a liberal balance? We also include questions about how people found out about Osama Bin Laden’s death, what sources they used to get further information and how they shared information about his death.

The survey is online at for your perusal.

Our survey has been approved by the Internal Review Board at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. As part of the permission process it is guaranteed that all submissions are anonymous and confidential. Any identifying information (i.e. IP address) will be deleted by the researchers upon receipt.

We all know that my regular right-tilted readers Matt Bramanti and Greg Aydt are going to see this and rush over to take the poll; why don't you do the same?


Matt Bramanti said...

Perry, while it's sweet (weirdly so) that you're thinking of me, I haven't taken Johnson's poll, nor will I.

If he's specifically asking for left-leaning people to fill it out, he's clearly trying to weight the sample properly, and it looks like he has enough data from right-leaning people. My response would be a waste of my time and Johnson's.

I'm not sure how useful a poll with a politically-motivated "take this poll!" campaign behind it would be; I suspect it won't be as valid as we'd like, but maybe Johnson can suss out some insights.

Greg said...

Perry, you over-estimate yourself. I don't read your stuff all that often.

I also haven't seen anything about the poll until now, but I did go and take the survey at your urging.

PDiddie said...

Hook, line, and sinker. ;^)