Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Rick Santorum's marriage counseling

A "Douchebag" finalist for certain:

And because you wouldn't believe it if I didn't repeat it, here's a partial transcript:

Number one, I think it's great that the president has a date night with his wife. He's a role model. He's a role model in particular, whether he likes it or not, in the African-American community.

And you have an African-American community, particularly in the poor inner city areas, we're looking at out of wedlock birthrates in three quarters to 75 percent (sic) of children being born out of wedlock. Marriage is an institution that's a bridge too far for too many African-American woman and is not desirable among African-American males.

That particular stereotype is a few centuries old: that black men are sexually deviant and irresponsible and thus to blame for the existence of the black underclass -- as opposed to, say, blatant structural racism, the lack of support for all poor people (black, white, red, men, women, children), a legacy of violence and discrimination, etc., etc.

But marriage is an institution that is "not desirable" for African-American men? Really?

Nice to know that social conservatives can profoundly embarrass themselves and the GOP even when talking about something as trivial as the Obama's date night.

Who is capable of topping that this week? It's only Wednesday ...

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