Monday, June 08, 2009

Richard Shelby claims the 'Douchebag of the Week'

An unbelievable performance from the senior senator from Alabama:

Jed Lewison picks out the highlights if you can't stand to listen to them:
  • The Obama administration is "obviously" turning America into a socialist nation.
  • "No doubt we're going to government intervention everywhere, government ownership."
  • It all started when Obama bailed out the banks last fall. (Yes, that was when Obama was a candidate and Bush was president, a fact Shelby later acknowledged.)
  • Obama is "destroying the best health care system the world has ever known" by creating an alternative to private health insurance companies.
  • Obama will "destroy the marketplace for health care" and the "American people better be careful in what they want."

Yes we had, Senator Shelby. And what this American person wants and what you want could not be further removed from each other than if I were you and you were RuPaul.

Update: The "best healthcare system the world has ever known" is in 37th place.

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