Friday, March 14, 2008

Pelosi: No Obama-Clinton (that goes for me, too)

I don't agree with Nancy Pelosi very often but after the past week I believe she's spot on with this:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it's "impossible" that Democratic presidential contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will join together as running mates this year.

"I do think we'll have a dream team," Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. "It just won't be those two names."

Pelosi earlier this week told Boston TV station NECN that the two wouldn't combine their efforts because Clinton has suggested the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, would be a better commander-in-chief than Obama.

I think Speaker Pelosi is absolutely correct.

Obama has never expressed any indication that he would want Clinton as his running mate, and the recent racist smears by the odious Geraldine Ferraro eliminated any remaining possibility of his adding her to his ticket.

And FWIW I can't see how Obama can accept the V-P slot if Clinton manages to steal the nomination, when it would just give McCain all the ad material he needs to attack the both of them -- Obama for being "inexperienced" and Clinton for being a hypocrite and a political opportunist of the first order.

Needless to say, this offer has now expired.

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