Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eliot Spitzer should resign.

And so should David Vitter and Larry Craig.

And Geraldine Ferraro ought to be right behind them (not for the same stupidity, of course).

That CentCom head Admiral William Fallon, who has publicly opposed Bush's attempt to expand the GWOT by attacking Iran is the only person out of a job at this posting is nothing short of ridiculous.

Obama dismissed Samantha Power, a campaign adviser who referred to Hillary Clinton as "a monster", and did so quickly. Senator Clinton has barely 'denounced' or 'rejected' Ms. Ferraro's outrageous assertions, calling them 'regrettable'.

Clinton's campaign has taken on the air of the last days of Mike Huckabee's quixotic presidential bid, stumbling along waiting for Mr. Obama to have a stroke or something.

How long will this embarrassment continue? To Pennsylvania? Beyond?

Update: Seriously; Geraldine Ferraro? The most token female in history? An obscure back-bencher tapped to co-pilot the USS Titanic Mondale to the bottom of the sea, who then returned to obscurity?

Geraldine Ferraro? GTF outta here.

Update (3/12): One down, three to go.

: Two down, two to go -- although this statement shows just how obnoxious and stupid Ferraro truly is:

"The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you. I won't let that happen."

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