Monday, September 25, 2006

Some from the others

On the heels of the Chris Bell video posted below, there have been some other Texas happenings while I've been absent ...

-- BOR has blown Kinky Friedman out of the water. No wait, Kinky Friedman did it to himself. Anyway, here's Chapter 57 of "Kinky Blows Up, and Not in a Good Way".

-- While there are some on the left who think that this is not a good thing.

-- Vince has posted a video which serves as a good primer for the governor's race.

-- Greg Abbott is getting sued over his voter "fraud" shenanigans.

--My man David has been busy in West Texas, and writes that something big is happening out there. And when the Midland Reporter-Telegram agrees, guess what? There is.

-- Here's a great picture of some real Texas leaders.

-- John and muse have stayed busy getting to the vote (in preparation for getting that vote out, starting October 23).

-- Stace posts the letter of a former Kingwood Republican who has seen the light.

-- it turns out that my wife worked with Valinda Bolton back in the Eighties, when we lived in Plainview. She's going to be an excellent legislator.

-- Kuffner reminisced about Rita. (That inspired me to pull my own three-part tale out of the 9/05 archives for you.) In Lake Charles on Saturday, they also stopped to reflect. The hurricane left widespread damage throughout Texas and Louisiana -- from which parts of the area still struggle to recover -- but only killed eleven people. Ten times more than that died in the attempted evacuation of Houston, which I considered to be its own disaster. It warrants reminding that we were lied to by our government -- I'm looking at you, Rick Perry -- about the contraflow lanes to be opened, about the gasoline trucks being sent to refuel the thousands of stranded motorists and the calamity that could have occurred had Rita not turned to the east.

Update: Fred suggests a bigot's dream team: Macaca-N***** Eggs 06.

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