Saturday, September 30, 2006

No one was tortured. A few Republicans were, however, terrorized

The Houston Progressive Blog-O-Sphere got offline and came together at the Onion Creek last night to host out-of-towner Vince Liebowitz, in town for his abuelita's 87th birthday and the Johnson-Rayburn dinner (Russ Feingold is keynoting tonight). Charles organized and Lyn, muse, Hal, Ryan G. of BOR, and the Diddies attended, and we ate, drank, and made merry. Well, as merry as potential enemy combatants can make.

For the record, few rumors were mongered even as the Friedman campaign conducted some sort of half-hearted rally/signup out on the patio. I saw one young man, cell phone glued to his head (dude, get a Bluetooth) sitting with one of those art-deco yard signs (only 15 bucks!). Left alone to carry on his phone conversations for the most part.

Hal's got a pretty funny post with pictures of the Fort Bend parade in Rosenberg. They showed their asses to the local Republicans. Seriously. Go look. Muse likewise has been all over Shelley Magoola Something-or-Other's hapless campaign, as well as state rep John Dufus' ethical lapses. Ryan recently exposed Martha Wrong's signage malfunction.

Why are all the Republicans cutting and running from debates with their challengers? Even the SCLM-alleged "safe" incumbents are dodging. What do they have to fear but fear itself?

The really surprising thing to me is that if you only looked at Texas conservative blogs, you wouldn't even know there was an election in thirty days.

If you're in the Metroplex today, this is the place to be.

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