Sunday, September 03, 2006

Postpourri: Nellie Connally, the killing of GWB, and the cracks showing in the TDP

There's still a few things to talk about before I get busy in town and out ...

Nellie Connally passed away yesterday. She was the last person left who survived the limosine ride through Dealey Plaza in November of 1963. The phrase "blood and roses" had a singularly stark meaning to her:

"It's the image of yellow roses and red roses and blood all over the car ... all over us," she told the Associated Press.

"I'll never forget it. ... It was so quick and so short, so potent."

(I have previously mentioned here that when we attended the state Democratic convention in Fort Worth earlier in the summer, we stayed in the same hotel where JFK slept on the last night of his life. We also, last summer, stood on the hill in the Texas State Cemetery where she will be buried, next to her husband.)

Speaking of the deceased, a British producer wll release next month a docudrama of the assassination of George W. Bush, to take place in 2007.

Expect (what else) Republican outrage.

Some recent discussions elsewhere point to a fissure developing in the Texas Democratic Party (specifically, between Democratic activists). Essentially the question is: should the organization spend the money it has recently been given by trial attorney Fred Baron on electing Democrats now or later?

Read those discussions and leave your thoughts on this question here (or there).

There's more video of Bush -- and also his wife this time -- talking about his alcohol consumption. Again, it seems obvious to me that the White House is falling down on the job of trying to conceal Bush's drinking problems.

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