Thursday, July 20, 2006

Texas-flavored postpourri

Catching up around here...

David Van Os and Hank Gilbert spoke at the Trans-Texas Corridor hearings in Fort Worth earlier this week. Click all the way through to the CanoFun links and watch the videos.

The toll road is going to be a wedge issue for Democrats in November. (Even Grandma gets it; you can watch her comments at the link as well.) A large majority of people attending these hearings are Republican rural and surban voters, and they are mad as hell about the land grab. They're ready to flip, red to blue, and this is the reason.

Greg Abbott is acting in his capacity as Attorney General as if he's still taking orders from Tom DeLay. Someone please tell him that the Bugman has quit, that his machine has gone kaput, and that's it's almost over for the GOP around here. On second thought, don't bother telling him anything. We'll send him a telegram on November 7.

Like the idea of paying $100 for your driver's license renewal? Looks like it's coming whether you like it or not.

And finally, the President of the United States remains in a touchy-feely mode: he "playfully slapped" my Congressman, Al Green, today. Go look at the picture.

Somebody is going to slug that idiot if he keeps this up.

Update: I forgot to mention that Judge Susan Criss is going to be guest-blogging over at Grits for Breakfast. Can't wait to read her posts.

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