Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Greg Abbott laid down the gauntlet"

Following the latest partisan stunt by the Office of the Attorney General, I asked Lt. Col. Bill Burkett for permission to republish his remarks here. He agreed, and they follow:

I personally believe that the recent acts of continued collusion of Greg Abbott and Tom Delay make certain that the defeat of Mr. Abbott is the FIRST priority for the Texas Democratic Party and all Texas Democrats this fall.

But this is not just a Texas issue. This is where the National Democratic Party must weigh in with "jawbone" support and also get some fund raising assistance working toward the Texas Democratic Candidate - David Van Os.

Now, it's no secret that David and I are close friends. But my feelings of this nature have always been that the most important seat to gain this fall was that of the Attorney General. Greg Abbott has always been the "enabler" for the Texas GOP and especially DeLay, Perry, Dewhurst, and Craddick. He has always been the one that gave legal approval through the power of his office for the Texas leadership to do very illegal and unethical things.

Without that wink and nod lawyer (only continuing the tradition of Alberto Gonzales during the Bush Administration) there is a major speedbump and possibly a fighting chance on specific issues within the legislature as well.

Now, if we and the National Democrats aren't willing to fight this issue after grand juries and judges have spoken, we simply have no right representing the people at all.

Bill Burkett

I'm with you, Col. Burkett. Let's get this party started.

There is no executive office imbued with more constitutional authority than the OAG. The Attorney General of Texas can do more to reverse the course of this creeping meatball of fascism than any ten Congressmen.

Help make it happen.

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