Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It's like living in a real city

blogHOUSTON, by way of Pegasus News, links to the Dallas Morning News for some coverage, including a nifty little pocket guide in .pdf format, enabling one to utilize and enjoy the Houston light rail line and the stops along it.

(Though it's not without their daily snarky potshot at the Chronicle -- which must be the staff's prime directive -- I read blogHOUSTON regularly, despite their much-too-conservative bent.)

Here's my humble O about the light rail:

We live within walking distance of the Smith Lands station and have been taking the train downtown for Astros games, Rockets games, and Main Street Square for dining and entertainment. We took a self-guided Art Deco tour of buildings along the line last fall, and two weeks ago went to the Cartier exhibit at the MoFA. I've been riding the rail to my doctor's appointments lately, saving me the hassle and expense of parking.

Nothing has transformed my experience of living in Houston to a greater degree than this train coming by my house.


Kevin Whited said...

Hey, that post didn't include a snarky shot at the Chron, just Lee Brown! :)

Anyway, I much appreciate the readership and linky love!

As our perspective goes... hey, there are lots of blogs and publications with a lefty perspective. If we can balance that a little AND draw readers with other perspectives, we're right about where I want us to be.

I'm about to move to midtown. So, I should have plenty of firsthand Danger Train observations for PubliusTX. Woo!

Maybe a downtown beer is in order at some point. :)

PDiddie said...

I'm buyin', Kev!

Warning: I usually only drink with liberals, and I always drink liberally. ;-)