Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Chris Bell is THE MAN

The Austin American-Statesman (reg. req.) interviewed potential Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell; here's some of what he said:

Q. How much money should a Democrat expect to raise to be competitive with the eventual Republican nominee?

A. A lot. Actually, an obscene amount, but let me put it in perspective. We think we need to raise far less than it cost Texas hospitals to provide basic health care in ERs to the uninsured, and about 40 times less than the amount in federal matching funds for children's health insurance we have turned away. It will cost 45 times less than Texas would have saved by reimporting prescription drugs, but almost twice as much as drug companies spend a year for Texas lobbyists. Perhaps worst of all, it's less by a lot than the tuition increases that UT students paid.

You want an exact number? We figure it'll cost as much as the amount of CHIP money that the state auditor said Gov. Rick Perry lost through mismanagement. And I'll wager the governor has no idea how much that is.



Anonymous said...

That is soooooo Chris Bell. I can just hear him deadpanning that last line and see the look in his eyes as he does it.

When the question was asked, if he would debate Kinky, he said absolutely he would and he looked forward to it. To which his friends, who know Chris well, suggested a Chris and Kinky debate should be on "pay for view".


Traveller said...

At Easter dinner with some truly Democratic Texans, I had to admit I didn't know a thing about Bell. Now I do, and he's got my vote! Would Bell appoint Kinky as LtGov -- an excellent antidote to the incumbent?

never-time said...
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