Sunday, February 13, 2005

This Jeff Gannon thing

really has me laughing uncontrollably.

So many have written so much that I'll just refer you to them for any part of this story you are not familiar with:

AMERICAblog was all-Gannon-all-the-time for a few days last week; scroll down for the juicy stuff. John also gave Aaron Brown an earful on CNN Newsnight. Atrios this morning rips Howard Kurtz (WaPo media bloviator) for his most recent hypocrisy. But the best comes from a snark-only thread at Daily Kos, whose diarists essentially broke this story (appearing as a correction):

For the Record: The journalistic alma mater of 'Jeff Gannon', where Mr. Gannon studied journalism in an intensive two-day, all-meals-included course costing a full fifty dollars, is in fact known as the Leadership Institute Broadcast Journalism School and not, as I had previously referred to it, the Morton C. Blackwell Institute of Media Whorticulture.

Which brings to mind the immortal words of Dorothy Parker:

"You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her (let's make that 'him' as well) think."

Update: I should have mentioned that Salon's Eric Boehlert -- who was also on Newsnight with AMERICAblog's John A. -- has a great synopsis, and that Crooks and Liars has a video of the CNN interview, the transcript of which I linked above.


Traveller said...

Have to admit I've given the Jeff Gannon story only minimal attention, read your post, laughed, wondered why I'd been so lackadaisical about it and realize that I think Gannon is only the tippiest tip of the iceberg. What was that movie about the astronauts acting out a moon landing in a studio? That's how I see Our Leadership. Nothing is what it seems; no one with even the slightest integrity can be found in the upper reaches of this administration. Gannon is simply another of the devil's spawn. Like Jonah Goldberg, he seems so surprised that it's such a big deal!

PDiddie said...

I know you wouldn't find out otherwise since you suicided your television, PW, so let me update you on the comments of the illustrious Brit Hume of FAUX News:

(Bill) Sammon (Washington Times):"...his real name first of all is James Guckert, but he changed his name to sort of a nom de plume, I guess..."

Hume: "It's an honorable tradition you know(unintelligible)...Mark Twain..."

[insert ROFLMAO emoticon here]

This morning I read -- from someone who watches his GOP-obsequious talking-heads Sunday morning program -- that he compared Gannon to Helen Thomas.

His panelists even laughed at that.

Traveller said...

J H Christ! How much longer will these well-paid jerks get away with it! Hume. Rhymes with fume.

As it happens my TV is on for 6 days, as always in Feb, for the Westminster Dog Show (go figure). Satellite guys indulge me for 6 days for about $20 bucks.

Yesterday while training elliptically, I turned it on and, ohmygod, it is so bad. Ads every three minutes, really crappy programming. Only the final third of "Random Harvest" made it seem worth even the pluggest of plug nickels.

Anonymous said...

Speechless. I caught the CNN AC360 or 380 (whatever) clip and I was left speechless. And lets not start on FAUX news... . I'd rather be churning butter.