Friday, February 18, 2005

And I haven't said anything about sports in awhile...

Pitchers and catchers reported this week. The Boys of Late Winter are warming up, just like everything else.

There's a college baseball tournament going on this weekend at Reckling Park, home of the Rice Owls, and it's just a couple of train stops from my house, and my alma mater, Lamar University, is playing in it. See you there (I'll be wearing the cap with the cardinal on it).

It's just about time for March Madness. My brother-in-law is a Dukie, but even if he wasn't, I'd have a hard time rooting for someone else. Though they are not quite as invincible as in years past; witness last night's defeat at the hands of Va. Tech. I think probably Kansas or one of those other Tobacco Road schools -- Ky., N.C., Wake -- stands a pretty good shot.

And the Rockets won eight straight heading into All-Star weekend. They have gelled around T-Mac and Yao by getting true power forward play out of Juwan Howard, gutsy Jason-Kidd-like production from Bobby Sura, and timely bench strength out of David Wesley and Jon Barry and the indomitable Scott Padgett. (I'm going to keep calling him that until he cools off.) Their second-half schedule is going to make or break, though. They may have a great season, or they may not. We'll see.

Oh yeah, something happened regarding the NHL, but I can't remember what...

I'm going to play golf. Later.


Anonymous said...

Golf? That's a hard game.

Tennis is better, unless you are playing Maria Sharapova.....but still.

Nice blog. :)

PDiddie said...

Tennis IS a better spectator sport, especially when Serena Willams is playing.

Golfing seems to impoverish the Republicans I play with, as well as aggravate the ones I play into, however.

Thus there's that added benfit.

Thanks for stopping by.

Traveller said...

I can't figure football out (never could, never will) and therefore can't understand a word of this, but I think you will and will enjoy it.