Monday, February 07, 2005

Can we now begin the healing?

Or least get back to the usual meaningless and tired partisan rancor our Lege is renowned for?

Harvey Kronberg says it's over (or is that Vo-ver?) for Talmadge Heflin:

Acting as a Special Master in the HD19 election challenge, State Rep. Will Hartnett's report to be issued this morning will conclude that Hubert Vo won his election by at least sixteen votes. Any remaining disputed votes are insufficient to overturn the election.

In a statement this morning, Vo said,"I appreciate the careful and thorough job my colleague Mr. Hartnett has done under intense pressure and in difficult circumstances. He refused to be distracted by sidebar issues and kept his focus on making sure the will of the voters is upheld.

"I am confident that my colleagues on the special committee and in the full House will live up to the standard Mr. Hartnett has set in honoring both the spirit and the essence of our democratic process."

Thank you, Representative Hartnett, and please stay off of small airplanes for awhile...


Traveller said...

I'm almost disappointed that those jerks haven't given us an opportunity to go after them with shot-guns.

Why shot-guns? Because I'm about to purchase my first gun, a 410, to rid my piece of the universe of these damn skunks! We are overrun, enough so that all my tender feelings and anti-gun attitudes have gone bye-bye... Republicans may be next if I survive.

PDiddie said...

Happiness is a warm gun, someone said.

Let me know when you're suitably armed and pissed off and we'll advance on the capital (you from the west, me from the east).