Friday, January 07, 2005

No Vo?

A well-connected blogger reports that the Texas House will next week overturn the victory of Hubert Vo, the Vietnamese-American who won the 149th district race in southwest Houston by less than 50 votes, and will instead seat the incumbent Republican Talmadge Heflin he defeated on November 2nd, and in a subsequent recount.

Why, you say? Because they can:

Sound far-fetched? Think for a moment about what the GOP, at both the state and federal level, has had the audacity to do in the last couple of years -- redistricting, ethics changes, now trying to eliminate the filibuster from the U.S. Senate, etc -- and you may reach the same conclusion the state senator has. "These guys just don't give a sh*t." Bad press? Who cares. Public outrage? They'll get over it. Politically dangerous? Not a chance -- all we have to do is win a GOP primary anyway. Democratic retribution? (After several moments of laughter) Who?
If they dare do this, there must be an outrage expressed so loud and so long that the GOP will be forced to relent. There will have to be thousands of Texans on the Capitol steps demanding that the Republicans follow the expressed will of the people and not their greedy lust for ever more power.

We'll have to scare the nasty bastards into changing their mind. It wouldn't hurt if we started letting them know how we feel right now.

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