Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Zero, zip, nada, f*ck all

So today we read that, apart from the centrifuge buried in someone's backyard for a decade, no WMDs have been discovered in Iraq, and BushCo is finally admitting it.

Since 51% of Americans voted for Bush despite coming to this realization long before the election, it should be obvious to "everybody" that "nobody" (that would be 100% of everybody -- or 100% of nobody if you wish to use the prevailing conservative logic) cares.

On this same rationale you will see a federal budget that freezes or slashes spending on every single government program except defense and homeland security. Not even COLAs will happen, meaning that spending won't keep up with inflation.

You will see the administration attempt to ram through judicial nominees that were previously turned down by changing Senate rules that have been in place since the Founders' signatures on the Constitution were still wet.

And you'll see the majority party continue to whine, bitch, and cry about how the minority is "obstructing" them.

They will do -- or attempt to do, based on how hard the Democrats choose to fight back -- all of this in the name of that 51% "mandate" they claim.

Audacity just simply does not begin to describe it.


Anonymous said...

Hey -- Bean here coming in anonymously because no matter what I do, blogger won't "recognize" my password. Tried a second time as a whole new persona with new password and -- zip fuck nada.

But somewhere today I saw a wonderful comment that the WMD's will be found in the Social Security program. 'Bout sums it up, don't it! I'd like to see the Dems exhibit some normal human audacity, wouldn't you? Just to prove they're alive and breathing at the very least?

PDiddie said...

Hi Anon -- I mean, Bean.

There ought to be a prize for first comment poster ever.

W. thinks Iraq's WMDs are hiding somewhere in the Social Security Administration, and believe you me, he's going to tear that place apart until he finds them.

Anonymous said...

Fer sher. The point is, silly fella, that we Americans want things fast and efficiently and old-fashioned democracy slows this down, impedes our god-given progress. We need a new democracy, one in which only certain people (the ones who make sense from a business point of view) get to vote.

memphis-slammer said...
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