Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Well, at least we weren't nuked yesterday.

As a comments post at Houston Indymedia summed up nicely:

Since this warning is now ALL over the internet, the conspirators can't proceed with it -- the mission has been compromised. Thus, when nothing particularly unusual happens here, it will only serve as proof that the conspiracy was correct.

As Ruppert says in "Crossing the Rubicon", if you catch "them" spying on you, it's because they wanted you to catch them. The only real question I have is whether this "warning" was done by some amateur conspiracy theorist or whether it is a state-sponsored psyops operation.

Still, I'll keep my eyes out for any activated nuclear devices, just in case. They can be recognized by the dramatic countdown timer with blinking red lights and a conspicuous beeping sound, I think.

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